These are not dolls in conventional sense. You can't play or use them like you would with a Barbie doll. This is small shapes sculptures.

Contemporary plastic arts are hard to relate to for the viewer. A lot rests on the image that is evoked, rhythm, convergence of shapes and space, lighting, contours of volume and its union with the suggested environment. All these subcomponents are aimed at the observer who will give free reign to their imagination, allow emotional freedom and then see something special for themselves.

Leonardo da Vinci's quote is very fitting here: "It is not always good even if it's beautiful". I am not after external beauty, my aim is to capture the inner state of being, the soul of an object - the sculpture, the image I have in mind. They are not related to my own psycho-emotional state at the time of creation. They just reflect the idea I conceived. I'm drawn to the internal world of a human, deep psychologism, narrative lines, dramatic poetry, tensity of images, external effectiveness of shapes, sharpness of individual and social depiction of characters.

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