Sometimes the search takes on an ugly shape but still it must go on. I'm least interested in realism in art. Reality should be in the conception but not the expression.
Harvest Picking - Райский Урожай
Oil, canvas

Autumn harvest time has arrived in the Garden of Eden and the angels are busy with their seasonal duty - crop picking. Since earlier Man managed to sneak into the Garden and steal the apples that give eternal life on earth, harvesting at Neo Paradise has been arranged in a special way. Creator introduced special rules and tightened security measures in Eden.

Once the Tree of Life bears fruit, harvesting is carried out by angel-harvesters. Each tree in the Garden of Eden is then burned with scorching fire.

The Tree is then replanted for the following year with the exact spot picked at random to prevent Man finding it again. Timing is shrouded in secrecy and is sometimes decided upon on the very eve. Throughout harvest, the Garden of Eden always has stable, gloomy weather. Rains are rare and are often harbingers of some significant happening in the future. Clouds do not produce rain. In fact, they are made up of baryon matter. As are so many things here...

The baryon matter consists of helium formed at an early stage together with hydrogen. Cold gas clouds located in intergalactic space, namely the "Paradise" galaxy with reduced surface brightness, resemble dark thunderclouds and spew lightning bolts.

In the same way, the red-hot environment of baryon matter expands explosively and causes a shock wave that is perceived as thunder. Rolls of thunder and lightning are heard all over the Neo Garden. Lightning torches the young trees of Life and thus clears up space for new shoots for the following year. The Tree of Life does not die this way, as its roots run deep and reach far and wide below the surface of Paradise. The Tree of Life only hides and changes its location for a short while, resuming its existence by sowing the seeds of the harvest on the eve of harvest; thus the tree grows with renewed vigour in a new place, bearing fruit for next year. The angel-harvesters load the fruits into containers for further distribution of apples for jam a.k.a. the "Elixir of Life" that is assigned the highest security grading and stored at the Culinary Ministry of Eden.

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I'm least interested in realism in art. Reality should be in the conception but not the expression.
Tea time - Чаепитие
Oil, canvas

A coded story, puzzle, thriller. The client, the victim, the executioner and the accomplice. But who did it? The answer is hidden and you have to read between the lines as it's not obvious at first sight. The viewer is invited to look at the painting and find out for themselves.

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David Bowie
Oil on canvas
90 x 100cm

The original painting sold on
Saatchi Art. Please get in touch, if you'd like a print.

I tried to capture the real David Bowie. These are colours of his soul. If we open it up, this is it.
Accordant and inspired by his own style of painting.
Vibrant, changing, warm.

Oil and Wax on Canvas
Size: 90 x 100 cm

In the memory of the great singer Prince. I was inspired by his warm personality, musical genius and search for freedom of self-expression. My favourite colour is purple, so is his.

See the creation process.
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